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My Parks is your (unofficial) Windows Phone 7 guide to the U.S. National Parks! Version 1.0 features an introduction to all 58 National Parks along with directions, contact details, and links into fun, relevant sections of each park's website. Future versions will include additional properties under the management of the National Park Service. Examples include National Monuments, National Historic Sites, and National Battlefields.

My Parks is an entirely free app (not even any advertising). It is also entirely unofficial. My Parks has not been endorsed by and we are not affiliated with the National Park Service (NPS) or any other government agency. Much of the content comes from NPS websites and is in the public domain. The small amount that isn't is my own work.

If you like My Parks, please consider contributing to your favorite park or directly to the National Park Service itself. If you've never been to an NPS-managed property, you are missing out on some of the incredible, natural wonders that the U.S. has to offer. Next time you are taking a trip, find a park nearby and go visit it. I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised!

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