Developer Resources

Welcome developers. Over time I've amassed quite a collection of resources which I use when I'm coding and when I'm helping people with programming problems on Twitter (@mikebmcl), on the App Hub Forums, and elsewhere.

I've decided to collect and share some of these resources. Some are samples I've written to demonstrate how to use a certain API and programs I've written to solve various problems. Others are links to things I found helpful which I've categorized and to which I will add from time to time. Last is my blog on which I post primarily technical articles which you may find of some use. So click on one of the links above and get started.

For those of you interested in developing Windows Store games using DirectX and C++, I invite you to check out my Windows Store DirectX Game Template along with its corresponding Getting Started page and a page of How To topics that show you how to perform simple tasks with it. For more complete samples, check out the Samples page. Note that the samples currently available have not yet been revised to reflect changes made when creating the WSDXGT project so you may notice some differences. The code within the samples will still work fine though and I will try to get updated samples out ASAP.

For Xbox LIVE Indie Games developers who are looking for it: My XNA Peer Review Checklist (current version 1.91).
This will help you with preparing your game for the peer review process by giving you a good starting framework to evaluate your game and its compliance both with some of the Evil Checklist requirements and with some things from the Best Practices for Indie Games (mirror; original is missing) article and things that I personally consider to be "best practices".