Code Samples and Utilities


I've begun creating C++/DirectX samples for Windows Store game developers. These samples all include a README_LICENSE.txt file which specifies the license terms of the sample it is included with. A non-binding general version of this license can be viewed here: DirectX Sample License. Individual samples may include other assets or libraries which have their own unique license terms associated with them, which is why you will need to refer to the sample's README_LICENSE.txt file for the full, complete, binding license for that sample. If you do not agree with the terms, you cannot use the sample and should delete any and all copies of it which are in your possession.

The following are the C++/DirectX Windows Store game samples which are available. More will be added as time permits. Suggestions are welcome, though please try to keep them general (I don't want to write your specific game for you unless you want to pay me to do it :) ).

Because my aim is to help C#/XNA developers who wish to move to working in C++/DirectX using the Windows Runtime (my samples are for Windows Store games but most code and techniques apply equally well to Windows Phone 8 games), I'm more inclined to create ports of XNA samples from the Xbox Live Indie Games site (formerly the App Hub, formerly formerly the XNA Creators Club) or else to make samples which bear some resemblance to samples from there.

Since there is no framework with DirectX such as XNA provided, I created a base sample from which other samples will be created. Others are welcome to use the base sample as a basis for their own samples (provided that they abide by the license terms, of course). Let me know if any of you do create samples from it!


Unless otherwise stated, all source code and programs are licensed under the terms of the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL). If you don't agree to those terms, do not download any of the source code or programs. Downloading an item constitutes acceptance of the terms of the Ms-PL or, if a different license is indicated for a specific item, of the other indicated license.

Bonus news! Most of the samples have now been modified to include the MIT License. If for some reason the Ms-PL terms do not suit you but the MIT License terms do, you may now use any of the code samples that have had the MIT License added to them pursuant to the terms of that license in lieu of the Ms-PL.

The following are various code samples and utilities I've written to help XNA developers. Certain utilities (i.e. the ones with CCGame files) require that you be a registered XBLIG developer. More information on this process, including qualifications, can be found in the Xbox LIVE Indie Games FAQ at the App Hub.